Re-Blade Service


Send in Thorn expandable with damaged blades for an extended life of the broadhead!

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Thorn Broadheads’ “Re-Blade Service” allows customers to send in their Thorn expandable broadhead(s) with damaged, dull, or broken blades to be serviced with all new blades. With the purchase of the “Re-Blade Service” the customer will be responsible for mailing their broadhead(s) to the address provided (also found on Thorn Broadheads packaging). Once the expandable broadhead(s) have been serviced by Thorn they will be delivered back to the customer!

Thorn Broadheads' "Re-Blade Service":

* For Thorn Broadheads ONLY with damaged, dull, or broken blades; broadheads with damaged tips or ferrules are not eligible!

** Ship to: 535 Micaville Loop, Burnsville NC 28714