Thorn HPX Expandable Broadhead 3-pack


The HPX brings to the table the same compact reliable design as the original Thorn only with a high strength Titanium Rip-Tip for use in High Performance crossbows – Bring it on!

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The Thorn Broadheads HPX presents a few minor upgrades compared to the original design found in the “OG”. It still functions with the same Patented “Hidden Blade” technology and “Rip-Tip” design, as well as the trusted 1 3/4″ cutting diameter. Paired with the devastating 0.040” thickness 440 stainless steel blades the HPX also has a titanium “rip-tip”. This upgraded tip allows the HPX to shoot efficiently out of today’s high speed crossbows all while maintaining maximum durability. The HPX with its favorable purple finish has become a trusted piece of arsenal among many of today’s crossbow users.


  • 3 - Broadheads
  • 6 - Sheer Pins
  • 1 - Practice Clip

*Thorn Broadheads will NOT fully deploy in Foam Target.

**For Crossbow use ONLY

***Thorn Broadheads are recommended for foam targets. Other target material such as bag targets may cause damage to the broadhead.