Thorn “OG” Expandable 3-pack


The Original Thorn Expandable Broadhead is proven to be a deadly, dependable and rugged option for compound bow archers; delivering its reputable 1 3/4″ cut!

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The “OG” is Thorn Broadheads’ original design for compound bows; ALSO BEING THE ORIGINAL VESSEL TO BRING FORTH GUARANTEED, TRUE FIELD POINT ACCURACY! It embodies our patented “hidden-blade” technology consisting of two 0.040” thickness 440 stainless steel blades. These sharp butcher style blades provide a 1 3/4” cut and are housed in a rugged 70/75 Aircraft grade aluminum ferrule. To deploy the hidden blades the stainless steel “Rip-Tip” plunges into the ferrule upon impact; then forcing the blades to sheer the “sheer pin” blade containment, and deploying from the rear of the Broadhead. The OG’s rugged design and good looks with its notorious orange color has became a staple in the thorn broadheads family. 


  • 6 Sheer Pins
  • Practice Clip

* 125 weights will not work on 100 grain models. Must order for your specific broadheads. They will not interchange.