Thorn RIFT 2.2″ Expandable Broadhead 3-Pack


The RIFT Expandable Broadhead delivers a whopping 2.2″ cut upon impact, presenting the largest cutting diameter in the Thorn Broadheads lineup – Bring it on!

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The Thorn Broadheads RIFT presents a considerable upgrade compared to the original design found in the “og”. Although it still functions with the same Patented “Hidden Blade” technology and “rip-tp” design; it offers a whopping 2.2” cut making It Thorn’s largest cutting diameter broadhead. Paired with the wide cutting 0.040” thickness 440 stainless steel blades the rift also has a titanium “rip-tip”. This upgraded tip allows the rift to not only shoot efficiently out of compound bows but with today’s high speed crossbows as well while maintaining maximum durability. The RIFT and its massive cut along with its sleek looking black anodized finish has became the most popular broadhead in the thorn lineup.


  • 3 - Rift Broadheads
  • 6 - Sheer Pins
  • 1 - Practice Clip

*Thorn Broadheads will NOT fully deploy in Foam Target.

**Orange Sheer pins are used for Compound Bows and Black Sheer Pins are used for Crossbows.

***Thorn Broadheads are recommended for foam targets. Other target material such as bag targets may cause damage to the broadhead.